Dear musician,

welcome and thank you for taking time visiting my website.

On this page you can register your score. This is completely free and optional.

I set up this process mostly for personal curiosity and statistical reasons. I think it’s a good way for a composer to know where in the world are his scores and a nice way to get in touch.

I would also like to remind you that:

  • This score was released for free. If you paid for it you were cheated. Please report me if this happened;
  • I own the full copyright of this composition which is registered and monitored worldwide: traditional copyright laws applies;

Please let me know if you will perform it, if you have a recording of a past performance or any feedbacks / questions about my music. I’ll be very happy to get in touch with you!

To register the score simply fill and send the form below.

I really thank you for taking time to register this score.

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Peter Bajetta